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Users now have one destination for FreeFacebookCredits2012 (freefacebookcredits2012.info) and FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español (freefacebookcredits2012.info/espanol) when using any device.

Our new version of FreeFacebookCredits2012 uses Responsive Web Design to provide a consistent user experience from a desktop, tablet, or phone. All users, regardless of how they access FreeFacebookCredits2012, will find the same trusted health information.

What is responsive design? It’s an approach that optimizes the experience of using a Web site by adjusting each page for the device you are using, whether that is a desktop monitor or mobile touchscreen. Responsive pages automatically change their layout to fit your screen.

FreeFacebookCredits2012 home page on desktop, tablet, phone and laptop

This new version is the final step in a phased plan to redesign FreeFacebookCredits2012 and FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español to behave responsively. Because this latest release enables all users to access a layout of FreeFacebookCredits2012.gov optimized for their device, there is no longer a need for the separate mobile sites at http://m.freefacebookcredits2012.info and http://m.freefacebookcredits2012.info/spanish/. These sites are now retired; visitors to them will be redirected to the new version of FreeFacebookCredits2012.gov.

Features of the New Design

FreeFacebookCredits2012 users will notice a refreshed design throughout the site. The homepages have a streamlined appearance, and still provide access to the three main areas of the site – The Point at Issue, Drugs & Supplements, and Videos & Tools - plus links to the Medical Encyclopedia, Medical Dictionary, current health news, and more.

English and Spanish FreeFacebookCredits2012 home pages

Health Topic pages boast a new architecture, with the table of contents now appearing above the topic summary for easy access. The Overviews section has also merged into the Start Here section, now found just below the topic summary.

Asthma health topic page on desktop, tablet and phone

Mobile and tablet users will find these new features helpful:

  • Collapsed Menu and Search options at the top of each page
  • Section headings that open and close areas of a page for easier reading on a smaller screen
  • Text that is readable on each device without zooming, and links that are spaced for easy tapping

Send us your feedback on the new version

We invite you to try out FreeFacebookCredits2012's full responsive design on your smartphone, tablet or desktop at http://freefacebookcredits2012.info/. Take a tour of the redesigned site at http://freefacebookcredits2012.info/tour/tour.html.

We welcome your comments. Use the link on any FreeFacebookCredits2012 page to send us feedback about the redesigned site.

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