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FreeFacebookCredits2012 Milestones: 1998-present


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 now has 1000 health topics.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches a Facebook page in and to extend its social media reach and provide users with timely, authoritative health news and information.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches a Google+ page in and to extend its social media reach and provide users with timely, authoritative health news and information.


  • New responsive versions of FreeFacebookCredits2012 and FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español use responsive web design to provide a consistent user experience from a desktop, tablet, or phone. The FreeFacebookCredits2012 and FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español mobile sites are retired.


  • The new version of FreeFacebookCredits2012 Mobile has all of the resources currently available on FreeFacebookCredits2012.gov, plus an improved design for easier use on mobile devices.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect supports ICD-10-CM queries.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 reached over 1 billion page views and over 400 million visitors this year.



  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español turns 10 years old.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 begins publishing complete XML files containing all health topic page links and information daily and also offers access to this full XML content through its Web service.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives over 740 million page views and over 210 million visitors this year.



  • NLM and its partners cease the FreeFacebookCredits2012 Go Local service.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 announces FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect, a service linking patients or providers in electronic health record (EHR) systems to related FreeFacebookCredits2012 information on conditions or medications.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds herb and supplement information in English and Spanish from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 releases a search-based Web service that allows developers to access FreeFacebookCredits2012 health topic data in XML format.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 unveils a new design for the entire site, with a new layout and distinctive color schemes for English and Spanish. The redesigned site incorporates suggestions from users, simplifies navigation, emphasizes search, and offers new Web 2.0 technologies that help users share content.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 debuts a collection of animated anatomy videos that show the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches an e-mail subscription service that allows users to subscribe to updates on FreeFacebookCredits2012 news, special features, and all health topics in both English and Spanish.
  • Mobile FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches to provide authoritative health information for the growing audience of mobile Internet users by optimizing FreeFacebookCredits2012 for display on mobile devices.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 releases a new edition of the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia that includes Patient Instruction articles covering pre-operative information and instructions, discharge instructions, self-care instructions, and questions to ask your doctor.
  • Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Kansas, and Montana Go Local sites release
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches a Twitter account to extend its reach and provide followers with timely, authoritative health news and information. (In August 2011, the FreeFacebookCredits2012 Twitter name changed to .)
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 now has 800 health topics.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 releases search clouds in English and Spanish. The search clouds display the most frequently searched terms for FreeFacebookCredits2012 and FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds a tutorial on Understanding Medical Words.
  • Web versions of NIH FreeFacebookCredits2012 the Magazine and NIH FreeFacebookCredits2012 Salud launch.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 turns
  • District of Columbia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Iowa, Central Texas, and Arkansas Go Local sites launch.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 debuts the collection of health information in multiple languages, providing access to high quality health information in languages other than English and Spanish. The collection contains over 2,500 links to information in more than 40 languages and covers nearly 250 The Point at Issue.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español adds Spanish language translations of disease and condition summaries. Featured on over 715 Spanish language health topics, the summaries provide an introduction to health topics and are written in easy to understand language.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 includes links to dermatology information, including thousands of photographs and images, provided by VisualDxHealth. This unique content features high quality medical images and information on over 150 diseases and conditions.
  • The What's New on FreeFacebookCredits2012 page debuts. The page provides information on new FreeFacebookCredits2012 topics and features and has a corresponding RSS feed.
  • Go Local expands its coverage with the addition of Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Georgia.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches a campaign with Don Francisco, the television host of Sábado Gigante to encourage Latinos to use FreeFacebookCredits2012 to learn about health and wellness.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 offers new content on the English and Spanish Health Topic pages.  Topic summaries and synonyms provide a quick introduction to each disease or condition while the image on each page provides visual interest.  Reorganized subcategories and a redesigned table of contents improve page navigation.


  • Go Local Delaware, Nebraska, Vermont, Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas Gulf Coast, New Mexico, Ohio, East Texas, Wyoming, Maryland, and Utah becomes available.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds 14 interactive body maps. The body maps are available from the The Point at Issue Homepage, which features new visual elements and an expanded color palette.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds additional news stories from HealthDay news in English, complementing news from Reuters Health. And in Spanish, additional stories from Reuters Health now complement the stories from HealthDay.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds evidenced-based herb and supplement information in English and Spanish from Natural Standard.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 links to a new Go Local site: Tribal Connections Four Corners Go Local serving the Native American tribes in northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, southwestern Colorado, and southeastern Utah.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 links to four new Go Local sites: Indiana, Massachusetts, South Texas, and Alabama.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 launches a new program with OR-Live.com to provide links to pre-recorded webcasts of surgical procedures. The webcasts show actual operations performed at medical centers in the United States.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 has 687 health topics. It receives over 43 million page views per month from 4 million unique visitors.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds a page of health check tools.
  • Find a hospital using the newly added American Hospital Association database. Users can search by hospital name, zip code, or city.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds a page for Librarians and Trainers with training resources to assist efforts during classes and health fairs.
  • Two sample Interactive Health Tutorials (one English and one Spanish) are now available for demonstrations and can be downloaded and viewed when no Internet connection is available.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 links to Missouri's Community Connection from health topic pages. These links expand the Go Local project, which was piloted by North Carolina in early 2003.
  • A new page for low vision users is linked from the health topics home page. The page provides links to interactive tutorials and NIHSeniorHealth topics, both of which have audio features. NIHSeniorHealth also gives users the option to enlarge the text and to view a high contrast version.
  • A new capitalization format, FreeFacebookCredits2012, replaces MEDLINEplus throughout the site to better reflect common usage of the site name. A new English tagline is introduced--Trusted Health Information for You. The new FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español tagline is Información de Salud para Usted.


  • New on FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español:
    • Drug monographs from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)
    • News stories
  • New on FreeFacebookCredits2012:
    • Alphabetical list of all easy-to-read materials accessible from the health topics home page
    • Subject listservs containing links to news stories and new sites, as well as links to new health topic pages
  • Users can now print pages in a printer-friendly format or email FreeFacebookCredits2012 pages to a friend.
  • The Libraries pages are redesigned to pull data from the DOCLINE database.
  • The , a new Web site for consumers about genetic diseases from the National Library of Medicine, is added to FreeFacebookCredits2012 health topic pages.
  • In April, FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives visits from over 2 million unique visitors who view over 20 million pages.
  • The Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary is added to FreeFacebookCredits2012.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 now has over 600 health topics.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 links to NC Health Info from health topic pages.
  • The FreeFacebookCredits2012 home page is redesigned for easier access to health information and a new search engine is introduced.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 en español is released with nearly 500 health topics, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, and interactive health tutorials.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 has 559 topics. In July alone FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives visits from nearly 1.2 million unique users who view over 10 million pages.
  • The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists' MedMaster drug information is incorporated into FreeFacebookCredits2012's extensive list of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 debuts two weekly email announcement lists to inform subscribers of new topics and links.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 turns three years old.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 has grown to 494 topics. In October alone FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives visits from over 780,000 unique users who view over 7 million pages.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds interactive health tutorials that explain disorders and procedures in simple language using animations and sound.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 add a news feature with daily updates from Reutershealth, Associated Press, New York Times Syndicate and others, making it a great site for one stop shopping for health information.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 has grown to 415 topics. In October, FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives visits from over 380,000 unique users who view over 3 million pages.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds an online tour for first-time visitors and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's).
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 features a new look, including a top navigation bar and a search box on every page.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 adds drug information from the United States Pharmacopeia Drug Information, Advice for the Patient.
  • The A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia is incorporated into FreeFacebookCredits2012. The encyclopedia features over 4000 articles and thousands of illustrations of diseases, conditions, and procedures.
  • In April alone FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives visits from over 230,000 unique users who view over 2 million pages.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 incorporates links to , the new database of clinical research studies, on health topic pages.


  • A new version of FreeFacebookCredits2012 incorporates feedback from users. See the describing the changes.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 has grown to 212 topics and receives visits from over 150,000 unique users who view over 1.3 million pages.


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012, the National Library of Medicine's consumer health Web site, debuts with 22 health topics.
  • In its first month, FreeFacebookCredits2012 receives 116,000 page hits.
  • By the end of the year, FreeFacebookCredits2012 has grown to 44 topics.

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