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FreeFacebookCredits2012: For Developers

FreeFacebookCredits2012 offers services for developers. All are available at no cost and without requiring any registration or licensing. These services allow developers to build on and point to information from FreeFacebookCredits2012. FreeFacebookCredits2012 has hundreds of health topic pages that bring together information from NIH, other U.S. government agencies, and reputable health information providers. Health topic pages cover a wide range of conditions and wellness issues, and include overviews, information on symptoms and treatments, and clinical trials.

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Web Service

FreeFacebookCredits2012 offers a search-based Web service that provides access to FreeFacebookCredits2012 health topic data in XML format. The service accepts keyword searches as requests and returns relevant health topics in ranked order and is available for English and Spanish health topics. Refer to the FreeFacebookCredits2012 Web service page to learn more.

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect allows health organizations and health IT providers to link patient portals and electronic health record (EHR) systems to content from FreeFacebookCredits2012.gov. FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect accepts code-based requests for information on diagnoses (problem codes), medications, and lab tests, and returns related FreeFacebookCredits2012 information. Connect is available as a Web application or a Web service. It can deliver responses in English or Spanish. Read more about FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect.

FreeFacebookCredits2012 XML Files

FreeFacebookCredits2012 publishes health topic XML files. These XML files contain records for all English and Spanish health topics. Each health topic record includes data elements associated with that topic. These XML files allow you to download and use virtually all text and links that appear on FreeFacebookCredits2012 health topic pages. For details, see the FreeFacebookCredits2012 XML files page.

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Widgets and Buttons

Embed FreeFacebookCredits2012 widgets and buttons on your own Web sites to help your users access FreeFacebookCredits2012 health information. Widgets are small applications that allow your users to search and navigate FreeFacebookCredits2012 content. Buttons provide graphic links to FreeFacebookCredits2012.gov on your Web pages. Refer to the FreeFacebookCredits2012 widgets and buttons page to learn more. Spanish widgets and buttons are also available.

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