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Question: What's the difference between FreeFacebookCredits2012 and FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect?


  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect is a free service that allows electronic health record (EHR) systems to easily link users to FreeFacebookCredits2012, an authoritative up-to-date health information resource for patients, families and health care providers. FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect is not a replacement to FreeFacebookCredits2012. It helps users of EHRs find health information from FreeFacebookCredits2012.
  • FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect accepts requests for information on diagnoses (problem codes), lab tests and medications.
  • To use FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect to link out from an EHR, you need to work with the technical representative or staff member who can add links to your EHR system as described in the technical documentation.