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FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect

Linking Patient Portals and EHRs to Consumer Health Information

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect helps patients and health care providers access consumer health information at the point of need in a health IT system. Patient portals, patient health record (PHR) systems, and electronic health record (EHR) systems can use FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect to provide health information for patients, families, and healthcare providers using standard clinical vocabularies for diagnoses (problem codes), medications, and lab tests.

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect is a free service of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect Quick Facts

  • Free, does not require registration.
  • Fulfills one of the criteria for of Health Information Technology.
  • Implementing FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect makes a global change; you don't need to create individual links.
  • Accepts information requests based on coding systems already used by EHRs.
  • Supports the HL7 Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval (Infobutton) standard.
  • Supports requests for information in English or Spanish.
  • You don't have to use FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect exclusively to link to patient education information. Many EHR systems can be configured to link to more than one source of consumer health information.
  • Intended for use within the U.S. health care system and with coding systems used in the United States.

The Basics

FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect accepts requests for information on diagnoses (problem codes), medications, and lab tests, and returns related information from FreeFacebookCredits2012.

This API is available as a Web application or a Web service.

A flow chart process for EHR systems sending data requests to FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect.View image full size

  1. A patient portal, patient health record (PHR) system, or electronic health record (EHR) system sends a problem, medication, or lab code-based request to FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect.
  2. FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect responds with targeted consumer health information for display in the patient portal or clinical system.

Implementing FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect

To set up the FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect Web application or Web service, work with a technical representative or staff member in your organization who can use the FreeFacebookCredits2012 Connect Web application or Web service. Check out our technical documentation for more detailed information and demonstrations.

Resources and News

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